Capacity Development and Research

Capacity Development and Research:

The faith waiting in the heart of a seed.. Promises a miracle of life which it cannot prove.

Capacity development and Research go hand in hand. The result of one feeds into the output of the other. We at eNVsionsbelievce in this and we have developed short course modules for various stakeholders on the following:

Organisation Visioning
Organisation Communication
Consulting Process
Team Management
Team Building
Systems thinking
Change Management

Research through Training Needs, Communication Needs and Impact of Training feeds into the development and up gradation of the modules.

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Our Interventions include

Capacity Development:
Short courses, tailor made solutions, Training Need Assessments, Appreciative Inquiry, Visioning, Planning, Proposal Development workshops, Team Management and Team Building,

Professionally managed field development implementation, solutions for implementation of CSR programs for corporate, networking with CBOs and NGOs for implementation.

Change Management:
Helping organisations manage change, Turnaround management.

Development Consulting:
The development sector manages its programs

with two major challenges:
1St Get it right at the first go 2nd Maximum output with minimum resources And like a well rehearsed play, it has to therefore be right in the first instance. This is what ensures the best outcome and impact at the society level for any development program.