Who we are

eNVisions is a group of professionals who have joined together to bring to the development sector the best mix of corporate sector's task orientation and social sector's soul of people orientation.

The group is engaged in activities of Capacity development, Research and Evaluation .

Our Philosophy

Naseriddin Khoja or Mulla Nasruddin as many of us know him once rode his donkey to the king's palace facing the donkey's back. When he was questioned by the king about riding the donkey in the wrong way, his simple answer was That is a point, so many people have told you; that I was wrong, not a single person said the donkey was wrong! The Mulla in his wisdom has pointed out what many of us have forgotten.
  • It is all about seeing different possibilities
  • It is all about going beyond the obvious
We at eNVisions, help you do just that! We help energise futures by opening closed doors.

Our Work

Organisations are like fruit trees. They need to be nurtured, before they can bear fruits.

The body and the soul both need to be carefully tuned to get the prefect fruit.

And like the fruit tree the Organisation too has people as its body and the vision as its soul. Like the fruit tree an Organisation too needs to be nurtured to produce results.

We at eNVisions believe in working at the people level and at the structural level. Leverages can be found at both the levels to give the perfect result.

The Tipping Point is what eNVisions will help you find in your Organisation to provide the strategic interventions that will increase effectiveness.